Tammy McDonald

MSH Baby Sign Language Instructor

Meet Tammy, a seasoned Life Skills coach whose mission is to empower families with empathy, patience and the beautiful language of baby signs. With her gentle guidance and nurturing approach, Tammy helps parents and caregivers foster strong bons and effective communication with little ones.

Drawing from her wealth of international experience and expertise, Tammy teaches families the art of patience, understanding that every child develops at their own pace. She instills empathy as a cornerstone of her teachings, encouraging parents to see the world through their child’s eyes and respond to their needs with compassion.

But Tammy’s toolkit, it doesn’t stop there. She introduces families to the wonders of baby sign language, a bridge that connects hearts and minds long before spoken words emerge. Through simple gestures and signs, babies express their thoughts, desires and feelings, strengthening the bond between parent and child while laying the foundation for effective communication.

Tammy doesn’t just impart knowledge; she leads by example. Educated through the Canadian Hearing Society, volunteering with Silent Voice Canada and currently completing American Sign Language for First Responders at Seneca College, she creates the embodying qualities of a nurturing teacher and compassionate leader. She creates a supportive environments where families feel encouraged to learn and grow together, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.

With Tammy’s guidance, families not only learn valuable life skills but also cultivate deeper connections and stronger relationships that last a lifetime. She is more than a baby sign language teacher, she is a beacon of empathy, patience, and love, guiding families on their journey of growth, communication, and understanding through baby sign language.

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Baby sign language class


In our classes we welcome all caregivers from parents to nannies to grandparents. All are welcome! Please feel free to email the instructor,


Our classes provide a supportive environment to ensure your success. It can be intimidating learning a new skill. We are here to help.


We use ASL signs, not made up ones. All our instructors have formal ASL training. You are not learning ASL but simply learning signs from the language.

More than just a class

Come and make new friends while learning a new skill!