Shirley Nunally

MSH Baby Sign Language Instructor

My name is Shirley Ann “Joy” Nunally. I have been involved with the Deaf Community for over 20 years. I started my adventure with this beautiful community and language when I joined the Deaf Ministry at my church. This led me to work at a Deaf school where I am during the day the administrative assistant to the Educational Department Supervisor and by night I am the ASL Program Coordinator. The ASL Program offers sign language classes for any Hearing interested in learning about the language and Deaf culture.

Teaching Hearing about ASL has always been a passion of mine With my own experience of teaching with the ASL program at the Deaf school, I also was an ASL adjunct instructor for a New York based community college. As a former ASLTA member, I always emphasized the importance of being involved with the community. My students do not only learn the language but must understand who they are communicating with and how communication should be clear. ASL is a beautiful language which all should have a basic knowledge of.

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Baby sign language class


In our classes we welcome all caregivers from parents to nannies to grandparents. All are welcome! Please feel free to email the instructor,


Our classes provide a supportive environment to ensure your success. It can be intimidating learning a new skill. We are here to help.


We use ASL signs, not made up ones. All our instructors have formal ASL training. You are not learning ASL but simply learning signs from the language.

More than just a class

Come and make new friends while learning a new skill!