Kat Dietrich

MSH Baby Sign Language Instructor

Having worked in the field of pediatric behavioral therapy for close to a decade with previous knowledge in ASL as the daughter of a legally deaf mother as well as having a bachelor’s degree focused in psychology, Kat brings a level of authentic compassion, knowledge, experience and understanding to families eager to learn and grow in their communication journeys.

As a type of healthcare professional assisting families with their little ones’ growth and overall development, Kat offers a perspective of care based in empathy, individualization, and functionality. With an atmosphere of fun, creativity, curiosity, and play based adventure, Kat assists others in advancing their own skills to better communicate and bond as a whole within the lessons taught.

Kat is passionate about the positive impact better communication skills give to families and how beneficial it is for our little ones to have ways to express their wants/needs to us. Together we can create better communication, better familial bonds, and better understanding one sign at a time. Kat looks forward to all classes to come and to meet you all soon.

Class Schedule

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Baby sign language class


In our classes we welcome all caregivers from parents to nannies to grandparents. All are welcome! Please feel free to email the instructor,


Our classes provide a supportive environment to ensure your success. It can be intimidating learning a new skill. We are here to help.


We use ASL signs, not made up ones. All our instructors have formal ASL training. You are not learning ASL but simply learning signs from the language.

More than just a class

Come and make new friends while learning a new skill!