Eden Armstrong

MSH Baby Sign Language Instructor

Eden is responsible for educating and training Alberta Health Care workers, consumers and retailers in the areas of plant based whole food, healthy living and caring for seniors and is also a Certified Yoga Teacher specialising in Kids and Mother and baby yoga.

Now her goal is to support, learn from, educate, and empower everyone she connects with on how we can work together and make a difference for people, animals and the environment on a global scale.

Eden is also a Speaker, Trainer, Plant-based whole food enthusiast, Volunteer, Fundraiser, Board Certified Holistic Health, Weight Management and Plant- based Transition Coach, a Plant-based and Fat-burning Menu Consultant. She is a mostly self-taught chef with over 10 years of professional experience creating delicious and nutritious plant based whole food meal plans, snacks and drinks. She loves volunteering her time teaching monthly healthy plant-based whole foods cooking classes and caring for animals in need.

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Baby sign language class


In our classes we welcome all caregivers from parents to nannies to grandparents. All are welcome! Please feel free to email the instructor,


Our classes provide a supportive environment to ensure your success. It can be intimidating learning a new skill. We are here to help.


We use ASL signs, not made up ones. All our instructors have formal ASL training. You are not learning ASL but simply learning signs from the language.

More than just a class

Come and make new friends while learning a new skill!